My name is Claudine Billeter and I am bilingual English/German. Born in the Thai capital Bangkok, I lived in Cairo, Chicago, New York and Queensland, Australia. For some time now I live in Switzerland, where I have settled down with my husband and two children. Only too well do I know what it means to move to a new city in a new country, where you don’t know the language. Everyone thinks that Switzerland is so international, and that practically everyone here understands and speaks English - unfortunately this is not the case! Especially if you live only a few kilometers outside a major city. With my children I visit an English play group in which I am always asked lots of questions. Lots of women are learning German but don’t feel comfortable enough yet to speak it actively. Others aren’t interested in learning the language as they know they are only here for a limited time and won’t be needing it in the future. Sometimes it’s the very little things that turn out to be the biggest obstacles. I had a few "translator" roles and often gave advice about doctors and schools, etc., which gave me the idea to create mySwissFriend.

I also do professional English/German and German/English translations. In my last job this was one of my main tasks. Maybe this would also be helpful to you? I also teach German or English to children and adults at your own home. This is not on a professional level, but in my youth I always was a tutor in all kinds of subjects, so I know what it takes; especially keeping the attention of very small children! No matter what you need, ask me! I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Claudine Billeter

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